Signs of Addiction

Signs of Addiction Resource

Signs of Addiction

By Addiction Solutions of Nantucket

Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction If you recognize any of these behaviors in your loved one, it is likely they are suffering from substance use disorder (SUD).

  • Habitually covers up the truth or denies the truth, even when it is obvious

  • Manipulates people or situa8ons to keep them confused

  • Acts impulsively without considering the consequences of their choices

  • Difficulty listening to others’ concerns

  • Preoccupied with using

  • Struggles with relationships

  • Misses work/school oten, performance suffering

  • Health problems related to misuse of substances

  • Makes promises without following through

  • Forgetful of words and actons

  • Seeks financial support on a regular basis, but unable to account for it

  • Blames others for their life problems

  • Does not take responsibility for their actons

  • Does not understand or accept how their ac8ons and behaviors affects family and friends 

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